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Vignobles Buffeteau

Welcome to our family vineyard!
Wether you are a wine professional or a wine-lover (or both!), this is where you will find everything you need to know about us.

Automne dans les vignes des Vignobles Buffeteau dans l'Entre-Deux-Mers
vendanges à la main agape grands vins de bordeaux buffeteau

Our property has grown over 4 generations

Today we produce wine on two distinct terroirs situated in two neighbouring villages.

  • Château La Grande Métairie

Traditional vinification, thermoregulated vats and maturation in stainless steel tanks.
A range of fresh, round and fruity wines with an aromatic and open nose, balanced and smooth.
We produce the AOP Bordeaux Rouge, Rosé, Clairet and Entre-Deux-Mers

  • Château Haut Dambert

Located on the edge of a million-year-old limestone plateau with asteria, this exceptional terroir, warmer and more mineral, gives our grapes a unique maturity and aromatic complexity.
Great red and white wines are created here, equivalent of the most prestigious Bordeaux appellations.

découvrir notre domaine
assemblage vins Bordeaux entre-deux-mers buffeteau

Wine well made

For us, making wine is a matter of passion!

Year after year, we are commited to creating the right interaction of  climate, terroir and crop. This delicate balance allows us to harvest the most beautiful fruit.
We consider that a good vintage is born in the vineyard. Only afterwards the winemaker can fully exploit its potential in the cellar.

Our work requires an open ear, constant presence and good adaptability both in the vineyard and in the winery.

What We DO

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