Welcome to our family vineyard, as professional or as wine-lover, you could find all the information you need about us.
Vignobles Buffeteau

This website enables you to discover our range of wines, split between two châteaux: the Château La Grande Métairie and the Château Haut Dambert.

  • Château La Grande Métairie, is meant to be resolutely modern – it’s the subtle combination of fruit, smoothness and elegance. We produce four appellations: Bordeaux AOC Blanc, AOC Entre-deux-mers, Bordeaux AOC Rosé and Bordeaux AOC Rouge.
  • Château Haut Dambert, is very traditional, with a perfect harmony between the land, the old vines and oak maturation – it is our range of Bordeaux Supérieur AOC.

I enjoy making these different wines very much. Passionate and fond of my job, my main objective is to strike, for each vintage, the right balance between the climate, the soil and the vine to pick up the best grapes, as it is well known that good wine is made in the vineyard – the winemaker only maximizes its potential. It involves constant listening and presence to adapt and modify (if it is necessary), a parameter in the vineyard as much as in the winery.

If this virtual tour piques your curiosity and makes you want to taste my wines, please feel free to contact us, I will be delighted to receive you and to pass on a bit of my passion to you.

Jean Luc Buffeteau
Owner and Independant Winemaker